Pavleye Art & Culture



Pavleye Art & Culture (PAC) collaborates with artists whose work centers around the high aesthetic values of contemporary art with an outstanding skill in photography, video, or canvas works.

With prominent figures in fine art, film, architecture, fashion and lifestyle, PAC merges a diverse range of creative realms into exciting outcomes. Additionally, we create and produce original exhibition concepts in partnership with art institutions, galleries, and museums.

Our long-term vision is to establish a strong position as a contemporary art gallery and fine arts creative agency by providing services to artists, clients, and collectors.



Pavleye Art & Culture
Františka Křížka 362/1
Praha 170 00
Czech Republic

Jozef Pavleye / Director

Julia Love Babuscak / Producer 

Milosh Harajda / Public Relations / +420 731 151 121 / +420 774 447 083 / +420 774 447 021