Curator: Jiri Macek

Opening:  December 16, 2014 7:30pm

(by invitation only)

Exhibition dates: 17.12  2014 - 1.2  2015


by appointment

contact Jozef Pavleye + 420 731 151 121



3rd floor Frantiska Krizka 1

Prague 7 (map)



“A word that refers to forward motion, to the future, for me strongly wedded to the past, and which if I do not know,            I cannot move forward.”
-Bara Prasilova-

 A girl posing with a flowerpot from which her own hair sprouts. What could be a better metaphor for the current day? Pastel news of a world in which stylists trounce philosophers. We are what PR managers and stylists tell us we are. Why am I writing this in the context of fashion photography, when, this is after all its general characteristic? Because in her approach to fashion photography, Bara Prasilova does not follow its purpose blindly, but regularly exceeds its scope, and using the methods of fashion photography, inserts her purely personal perspective of a documentary sociologist below the surface of highly stylized situations. In her hands, seductiveness that ensues primarily from the enticing merger of people with the internal world of things becomes a tool to explore the solitude of the soul, as well as a grotesque record of the fragility of human existence.

 “Through photography, I try to understand human relationships and connections. Using invisible threads, we either bind someone to us, or drive them away. Threads of our feelings, anxieties, and fears, which, like our hair, we are afraid to let loose,” says Bara in offering a key to decipher the Evolve series. When we examine it and set out with Bara towards the future, we are suddenly somewhat at a loss. Is it beautiful or bleak? We work to extricate ourselves from strict notions of it, make fun of it for ourselves so we can be moved by the beauty and endlessness that it offers us. Where is this future? In hair woven by a leading hairdresser, in the eyes of a friend as he or she probably sees us, a client, how he or she probably sees us, in our own fears? In a purse? We live in a world in which we are own heroes. But are we really ourselves, not just something foisted upon us? Do we not lose ourselves in gestures and external symbols that we try so hard to control? Hogtied, hidden under the shell of form, we await the future. What will it be like? Why, like a sock tells us. Its stylist, that is. Bara Prasilova’s photographs have the power to instil doubt as well as to carry us away.

The Evolve series was created for the Hasselblad Masters exhibition, where the winners of individual categories of the Hasselblad Masters Awards tackled the topic of evolution. Bara Prasilova won in the category of fashion photography for her images of the AirForce collection for Hana Zarubova.

-Jiri Macek, curator-

Installation images