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OPENING 24.09.2014 at 7PM by invitation only

Exihibition dates: 25.09 - 30.11. 2014









3rd floor

Frantiska Krizka 1

170 00 Prague 7 (map)

Miro Minarovych (* 1971) is a Slovak photographer based in Prague, Czech republic. He's graduated at Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava at the department of sculpture and painting restoration.  In his work, his main and continuous theme is landscape. But it is not travel books he creates, although many of his photographs are tied to cultural contexts of the place portrayed.

For the author symbolism, which in its unified approach brings that magic of a moment that photography can convey so well, is much more important. In the centre of interest is therefore amosphere which Minarovych does not build purposely, but right the opposite - he conveys real situations that would otherwise often pass by without anyone noticing. Frequently resigning on the figural aspect (or suppressing this apect to a role of an extra) the author brings into his photographs tension, expectation of conflict or some sort of remembering of events that happened at the scene or could have happend there. Minarovych is an author - observer. His protographs do not force a clear stand point or meaning, but give spectator a position of a passive witness, who on purpose or by a coincidence forgot a fatal situation and now, thanks to one shot is trying to recall all. Odd, sometimes almost magical nostalgia in Minarovych's body of work is built not only on rigorous visual aspect but mostly by the symbolism, which meanings are so layered that often push author's work to the border of conceptual photography.

CURATOR: Ladislav Babuscak

PR CONTACT: Milosh Harajda / milos@pavleye.com / + 420 774 447 021