Preco Nie?! & Proc Ne?! Tell All About Angelika Taschen's New Publishing House / by Julia Love Babuscak

 Building a "cultural bridge" between Prague and Berlin is the base of the mission Pavleye Art and Culture and Angelika Books agreed to pursue together. The book launch of Anna Bauer's first title- BACKSTAGE was the reason of Angelika Taschen's visit in Prague. 

Preco Nie? magazine met her in Oh So living concept store to discuss the role of books in contemporary society.

An exclusive monthly supplement of Hospodarske Noviny reports on Pavleye Art and Culture’s recent collaboration with Angelika Taschen. “Lady Lifestyle” as nicknamed in the feature of Lucie Tvaruzkova, Angelika reveals the story of the birth of the very first lifestyle books in history as well as the reason of her comeback to Prague.

Angelika Tashen prepared for the interview with a photoshoot with Anna Mrazek Kovacic, makeup artist Katarina Brans, and fashion designer Jakub Polanka. 

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