Kurt Stallaert 

* 1969 Belgium


Kurt Stallaert is a contemporary Belgian artist. Despite his recognisable style always containing tense aesthetics, each of Stallaert's series is conceptually different, albeit at the centre stage is always human or rather human body. Stallaert  examines the body, admires it and inserts it to a landscape or an interior building tension which disturbs the spectator and forces him to reconsider the viewed. Precise interest in his depicted subjects led Stallaert to include movement in his photographic image, enriching his body of work of what he now calls 'moving stills' - a classically built photographic image with an extreme slow motion used delicately. This has shifted his pieces more towards an experiment, not only a technical one but also conceptual. In his recent works Stallaert offers a captivating visual meditation in which the image changes subtly but constantly, giving the spectator possibility of transformation of perception in a way that a human eye is not able to perceive in any real life situation. The aspects of distinctive aesthetics and engaging of movement, time and change of an photographic image all elevate Stallaert's body of work in the context of contemporary visual art to an unique experience. Stallaert's pieces are now part of museal collections and sought after amongst private collectors as well.


Solo Expo in Bratislava city Gallery starting 28 November 2013 until end February 2014

Group expo "museum op schaal" Koninklijke Musea voor Schone Kunsten van België Brussel. from 11 October 2013 to 2 February 2014


"The Weight Body", Museum Boerhaave,, Leiden (NL)
Leonhard's Gallery, Antwerp at Fotofever 2012, Brussels (BEL)
Leonard's Gallery, Antwerp at Art Gent 2012, Ghent (BEL)
"K.O. Anti-Sportsbar", TETEM Kunstruimte, Enschede (NL)


budA art gallery, Asse (BEL)
Absolute Art Gallery, Knokke at Fotofestival, Knokke-Heist (BEL)
Ingrid Deuss Gallery, Antwerp at Lineart Art Fair, Ghent (BEL)
Art for Africa, Kasteel van Brasschaat, Antwerp (BEL)


"The Weight Body", Museum Dr. Guislan, Ghent (BEL)


Studio view, studio Milky-Way, Temse (BEL)
Van Stof tot Asse, Galerie De Ziener, Asse (BEL)
Bibliotheek CC Asse, Asse (BEL)