The Ingredients Store Project / by Julia Love Babuscak

Display at Ingredients Store

Ingredients Store presents a selection of the latest cult products – niche perfumes, skin care, and candles. All items are crafted using the world´s finest natural raw materials, offering breathtaking olfactory compositions in an exceptional design.

The unique beauty boutique also offers a variety of highly performing facials, combining specific massage rituals with the power of aromatherapy and is the only Sisley cosmetic boudoir in the Czech Republic.

It is this very mindset and concept that brought Pavleye Art & Culture together with Ingredients Store.With the same goal to unify art throughout Europe and the world, PAC and Ingredients Store have made a pact to collaborate with a regular exposition of art on display at the boutique to introduce the work of contemporary artists. 

For their latest project with PAC, Ingredients Store ordered copies of the Frederic Malle On Perfume Making books. In collaboration with Pavleye Art & Culture, each copy was hand-signed by publisher, Angelika Taschen.  The high-end coffee table books were installed in the store as a special installation for one month.