David LaChapelle for LifeBall 2014 / by Julia Love Babuscak


Life Ball, which takes place annually at the Vienna City Hall, is one of the biggest AIDS charity events in the world.  Ever since it premiered in 1993, the aim of LifeBall is to help affected people in an unconventional way: to fight against the taboo status of HIV/AIDS in our society, to raise funds for people living with HIV/AIDS, and to support organisations and projects in the most affected regions around the world.

LifeBall 2014 will be enriched with some particularly aesthetic and artistic momentum, as the renowned contemporary photographer David LaChapelle joins forces with the pioneering AIDS charity event that will take place on May 31st by creating a unique art piece as The Life Ball Poster 2014 and designing a one-of-a-kind car Audi S1 both of which will be auctioned at the AIDS Solidarity Gala. 

The key visual unveiled in Vienna on May 12, 2014 is a photographic artwork mainly inspired by this year's LifeBall motto "The Garden of Earthly Delights" and Hieronymus Bosch's utopic diverse society living together in passion and peace—as if the Fall of Man had never happened and people had never been expelled from Paradise. David LaChapelle's  interpretation portrays a transgender woman and model Carmen Carrera naked in the midst of Bosch's Garden scenery in two versions (female and male) both with a claim reading 'I AM ADAM - I AM EVE - I AM ME'. 

 “Gender lines are blurred and every person is unique in how they see themselves. For me the body is more than something to be looked at as an object of sexual gratification. The body is a beautiful housing for the soul that we are celebrating in this picture”, the artist explains. 

LaChapelle will tie up his presence in Vienna with a solo exhibition at The OstLicht Gallery titled 'Once In The Garden' which will run from June 2nd to September 14th 2014. 


We are proud to continue a long-term collaboration with David LaChapelle by providing the artist with a world wide tailored PR service for this event.

Pavleye Art and Culture is further excited to have become the LifeBall ambassador in the Czech republic and Slovakia region.

Learn more about LifeBall here.

David Lachapelle : Once In The Garden - Exhibition Opening

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