LIFE BALL AUDI by DAVID LaCHAPELLE / by Julia Love Babuscak

During the past decade, David LaChapelle has already had a few opportunities to blur the boundaries between contemporary art aesthetic and the car industry's impact on our society. In his series named THE CRASH LaChapelle portraits vehicle as a totem-like object in order to mirror the consuming western culture. In 2009 MAYBACH hired LaChapelle to transmit the values of the brand by his visual language and conceptual approach.

The AUDI mission for LifeBall presented an exciting opportunity at  the LaChapelle Studio to create a 3D object, which is an art piece in its onw right. The new model of AUDI S1 is an “extension” to his series “Earth Laughs in Flowers”, premiered in 2011.

 LaChapelle transforms AUDI S1 into a statuesque celebration of his image titled “Springtime”, which is set to become a subject to Life Ball’s annual auction. In keeping with the 'Eart Laughs in Flowers' visual language reminiscent of the old masters' still life oil paintings, this four wheeled art piece boasts LaChapelle's signature in its interior. 

Pavleye Art and Culture coordinated the executive part of "AUDI by David LaChapelle" production by creating a communication channel between LIFE BALL team, AUDI executive members in order to meet artist’s creative input.