Robert Wilson : Videoportréty by Julia Love Babuscak

December 13, 2013 - March 23, 2014

Opening December 12, 2013 at 6:00pm

Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava (map)


Today it seems that we have two camps of thoughts on the possibilities of experiencing theater. Many say the only way to truly experience theater is to be physically on either sides of the proscenium. However this has slowly progressed to a liberated definition, the more participatory theater where the proscenium has been dispensed of all-together and the boundaries between spectator and performer are nonexistent. We then have the technology; Video, film and photography are trustworthy mediums of a performance’s documentation, but rarely come close to the real-life dimensionality of embodied experience. In the midst of this rapid progression, what new thought is next for the theater artist to enlighten for future theater audiences?

Robert Wilson is an artist who understands this history, and imbues his rare mastery of all artistic media with this self-awareness. His process of creation brings his work to a level of transcendency because he recognizes the optimal possibility in the many rather than the single single method: An outlet within the archetype of an opera, the architecture of a building, the stains in a watercolor drawing, the design of a chair, the choreography of a dance, the rhythm of a sonnet, or the multiple dynamics in a video portrait—the blank canvas that calls out to be brought to life

By incorporating a multitude of creative elements; lighting, costume, make up, choreography, gesture, text, voice, set design, and narrative – the video portraits act as a complete synthesis of all the media in the realm of Wilson's art making. The canvas or High Definition (HD) screen is one thing, blending the environmental and spatial aspects of a stage with a new sensibility for Wilson's direction. The medium is HD video but the form blurs time-based cinematography by way of still photography. The video portraits infuse references found in painting, sculpture, design, architecture, dance, theater, photography, television, film and contemporary culture. The final result on the HD monitor resembles a photograph, but on closer inspection reveals Wilson’s highly developed theatrical language in conjunction with the startling clarity.

Given Wilson’s encompassing of the multitude of media as well as all artistic disciplines in cohesive video portraits defines Wilson’s timeless languages that can be experienced today, and equally the tomorrow. 

Artist Statement: A Still Life is a Real Life 
The video portraits can be seen in the three traditional ways that artists construct space. If I hold my hand 
in front of my face, I can say it is a portrait. If I see my hand at a distance, I can say it is part of a still life, 
and if I see it from across the street, I can say that it is part of a landscape. 
In constructing these spaces, we see an image which can be thought of as a portrait. If we look carefully, 
this still life is a real life. And in a way, if we think about it and look at them long enough, the mental 
spaces become mental landscapes. 
These portraits stem from a work I did in the 1970s, VIDEO 50. I made various portraits, including 
surrealist writer Louis Aragon, socialite Helene Rochas, a duck, a priest I met in a bar, museum director 
Pontus Hulten, Sony CEO Akito Morita and France’s Minister of Culture Michel Guy. Those portraits could 
be seen on TV, in galleries, museums, subways, hotel lobbies, airports, or even on the face of a 
I imagine the Video Portraits being seen in public spaces, as well as at home. At home, they are a kind of 
window in the room or a fire in the fireplace. They are personal, poetic statements of different 
A man from the street, an animal, a child, superstars, gods of our time. 

- Robert Wilson

Instalation Images - Slovak National Gallery

Installation Images - River Gallery

Press Conference & Opening

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Vernissage Of Robert Wilson


Artist Bio - Robert Wilson Eng // Robert Wilson Svk

Curators - Noah Khoshbin & Matthew Shattuck

PR Contact - Milosh Harajda - / +420 774 447 021

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Rene & Radka: Dreams and Shadows by Julia Love Babuscak


 Wednesday, September 26, 2012 – Monday, November 26, 2012


Mirbach Palace, Bratislava City Gallery (map)


The second collaboration of Pavleye Art and Culture, Bratislava City Gallery and J&T BANK introduces a new project of photographers Rene & Radka. The original exhibition concept titled DREAMS AND SHADOWS consists of three series: “Under Water”, “Come and Play With Us”, and “Colors of the Wind”. On display from September till 26th until November, 2012 in the Mirbach Palace.

Druhá spolupráca agentúry Pavleye Art and Culture s Galériou Mesta Bratislava a J&T BANKou prináša nový projekt fotografického dua René&Radka. Originálny výstavný koncept pod názvom DREAMS AND SHADOWS pozostáva z troch sérií: Under Water, Come and Play With Us... a Colors of the Wind a prístupný bude dva mesiace- od 26.9. do 26.11. na dvoch poschodiach Mirbachovho paláca.

Selection Of Works

Making Of And Opening

Videoprojection Bratislava

Artist Bio - Rene & Radka

Curator - Tereza Bruthansova, Ph.D.

Press Release

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Inspire Magazine /Ol4You /Season Report

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David LaChapelle: Lost & Found by Julia Love Babuscak

lostfound-title_1316584467 (1).jpg

Wednesday, September 14, 2011 – Tuesday, November 15, 2011

17:00 Palffy Palace, Bratislava City Gallery (map)


Together with J&T BANK, Pavleye Art & Culture brought the unique work of phenomenal photographer, David LaChapelle, to Slovakia. The most anticipated exhibition of the year, Lost & Found, includes 30 art pieces of one of the world’s most requested photographers. The exhibition took place in Bratislava City Gallery's Palffy Palace, from September 14th until October 31st, open to public every day except for Monday, from 11:00am to 06:00pm at a 4 Euro admission fee. 

David LaChapelle is a one-of-a-kind artist on the contemporary photographic scene. His shots have an easily identifiable message; and express unrepeatable vision, limitless fantasy and imaginativeness of the author, who, from the first contact, takes the spectator for an adventurous ride between heaven and hell.”
- PhD. Marián Pauer, curator of the exhibition.


Spolu s J&T Bankou prinášame na Slovensko jedinečné fotografie fenomenálneho Davida LaChapella. Výstavu roka pod názvom LOST AND FOUND s 30 dielami jedného z najžiadanejších svetových fotografov, ktorá je zároveň výberom toho najlepšieho z poslednej dekády jeho tvorby, ktorá zároveň mapuje diela odkazujúce na dejiny umenia, bude možné vidieť v bratislavskom Pálffyho paláci od 14. septembra do 31. októbra 2011. Prístupná bude širokej verejnosti každý deň okrem pondelka od 11.00 do 18.00 hod. Vstupné bude 4 eurá.

„David LaChapelle je na súčasnej fotografickej scéne nezastupiteľný. Jeho snímky majú nezameniteľný rukopis, sú prejavom neopakovateľného videnia, bezhraničnej fantázie a obrazotvornosti autora, ktorý už pri prvom kontakte strháva diváka na dobrodružnú cestu medzi nebom a peklom.“
- PhD. Marián Pauer, kurátor výstavy

Artist Bio - David LaChapelle

Curator - PhDr. Marian Pauer, ESFIAP

Publications David LaChapelle: Lost & Found

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Making of: Lost & Found, Bratislava

TV Markiza: Record-breaking David LaChapelle exhibition in Bratislava

David LaChapelle Bratislava Exhibition - TV Markiza Report

TV Markiza: Interview about David LaChapelle's Bratislava exhibition on Telerano

TV JOJ: David LaChapelle in Bratislava

TA3: Lost and Found, Bratislava exhibition 

TA3: David LaChapelle's Lost & Found

Thus Spoke LaChapelle by Julia Love Babuscak


Wednesday, December 7, 2011 – Monday, February 27, 2012 18:00

Rudolfinum Gallery (map)

Prague, Czech Republic

Thus Spoke Key Visual.png

The uniqueness of this occasion is underlined by the fact that it was possible to prepare this project directly with the artist and his team while choosing the best works from his studio. Exhibition curator, Otto M. Urban, showcased the work of David LaChapelle in several spheres, where each of the chapters emphasized one of the important issues of art the author was involved in and further developed. This was a unique opportunity for Czech audiences to become familiar with the live streams and trends of the contemporary American art scene in the work of an artist who stands at the center of attention.

Exhibition prepared in co-operation with Rudolfinum Gallery. 
Main partner of the exhibition was J&T BANK.

Installation Pictures

Outdoor Campaign

Press Conference

Thus Spoke LaChapelle Opening

David LaChapelle Visiting the Mayor of Prague

Artist Bio -  David LaChapelle

Curator - Otto M. Urban

Publications Thus Spoke LaChapelle

David LaChapelle speaks about Prague exhibition catalogue

Kurt Stallaert: Because Winter Lasts Longer Then Summer by Julia Love Babuscak


Thursday, December 19, 2013 – Sunday, February 16, 2014 20:00

Palffy Palace, Bratislava City Gallery (map)


Kurt Stallaert is a Belgium-based art director and contemporary artist. As a fashion and advertising photographer he developed a personal style with impactful images that inspired many brands around the world. His continuous search for authentic and strong imagery in his professional work naturally led him to venture into artistic photography where he most recently discovered a love for video and film.

In 2008 Kurt surprised the Belgian art scene with Bodybuilders' World (2007-2012), a remarkable photo series of appealing images that seduce and threaten at the same time: muscled men, women and children in an imaginary world. For this series Kurt travelled around the globe, not only to find potential bodybuilders, but also to capture the best and most authentic settings. His first collection of photographs was realized in Brussels and Prague. It was then, in 2010, that Kurt travelled to Africa to continue working on the series with African bodybuilders. Bodybuilders' World was quickly picked up amongst galleries, online art magazines, private collectors, and museums in Belgium and abroad. Later in 2010, a selection of his bodybuilders work was exhibited in The Weight Body at the renowned Museum Dr. Guislain in Ghent and the famous Ghent Art Fair. More exhibitions and shows followed soon after. 

Further exploring the boundaries between the real and the surreal in photography, Stallaert soon began to discover the possibilities of moving pictures. In 2012 he began experimenting with high-speed photography, creating what he now calls moving stills: slow motion images that cross the lines between photography and film. At a glance, we might think of these images as framed photos or video stills. It is only when we look closer and more carefully that we discover a picture moving in slow motion. With a dramatic tension between beauty and suspense, Kurt Stallaert's moving stills invite us to look, and look again, as if there is something about to happen. Or has it already happened? 

Stallaert evokes tangible expression and emotion in both his photography and video work stemming from a sensitivity to metamorphosis in the human body, and the deceleration of time and space. His artistic endeavors take us into a modern mythology of a dreamy, imaginary universe that seems familiar, yet entirely inexistent. Balancing between reality and surreality, these images intimidate, inspire, threaten and seduce, leaving us craving more. In his latest works, Kurt Stallaert hopes to cross the borders of imagination and go beyond simple aesthetics to make everyday experiences exceptional.

For his first international solo exhibition, Kurt Stallaert brings the best of his personal work to the Bratislava City Gallery. Within the walls of this historical building, the exhibition hall has been redesigned into a museum on scale, allowing the spectator to discover his work in a slow motion modus. Opportunities to see the personal works of Kurt Stallaert do not come often, as the artist is quite modest and selective about where his works are displayed. Take a moment to experience the journey through a diary of pictures at this monumental exhibition of Kurt Stallaert’s early bodybuilders series as well as some of his most recent moving stills. Discover an invincible journey through the mind of the artist.

Curator's note: Kurt Stallaert´s moving stills is a unique approach to the image conceived through photography, created by combining aspects of both film and photography, though never quite settling as either. A high speed camera is used to create an extreme slow movement within a seemingly still picture, bringing the spectator the possibility of change inside a classically framed situation. Without the narrative of a movie or the stillness of a photo, Stallaert's moving stills is a fusion of two mediums with a focus on its key message - the picture.

Installation Pictures

Artist Bio  - Kurt Stallaert  

Curator - Ladislav Babuscak

PR Contact - Milosh Harajda +420 774 447 021

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